Companies have access to a wide range of different packages, tuned to their visibility goals (on-stage/off-stage) and based on the type of financing which best fits their fundraising strategy

The basic terms of the bundled packages are shown below (Specific requirements will be accommodated, if and when feasible and may entail extra costs)

Exhibitor Package

  • Admission for 4 people
  • Access to plenary presentation
  • Access to networking events
  • Dedicated exhibition stand for company showcasings (min 5 sqm)
  • Admission to free off-conference events (50% discount on user pay off-conference events)
  • Website visibility in the Companies’ section

Euro 4,500.00 plus VAT, if applicable (or equivalent in IOTA, BTC or ETH)
Early bird tickets, up to WEDNESDAY 20th SEPTEMBER: Euro 2.000,00 plus VAT, if applicable

Stage Package

  • Admission for 6 people
  • 15-minute  company presentation on-stage
  • ……………………….

 Euro 6,500.00 plus VAT, if applicable (or equivalent in IOTA, BTC or ETH). Contact for details if interested on payment in equity instruments and/or tokens

Investor & Media Relation (on & off-Conference)

  • Introduction Investors and 2-day agenda management
  • Media Coverage